Trial and Jury Consulting

To help make your case more compelling, we offer trial and jury consulting.

At Hennington and Associates, have our promise that we will give your case our utmost attention in order to surpass your professional expectations of what you can expect from a highly trained trial and jury consulting firm. We offer assistance at any stage of litigation you are involved with, however, the earlier we are able to assist you, the greater the opportunity you will have to address your concerns and possibly resolve the legal matter before the start of trial. Our research techniques and sophisticated graphics have been developed exclusively for successfullitigation. Using these procedures the firm helps attorneys better understand the behavioral dynamics of jurors.

Marshall Hennington, Ph. D | Hennington & Associates

Dr. Hennington is recognized as a national leader in the field of Trial and Jury Consulting. He is known for his ability to craft litigation strategies to help his clients win trials. He received his Ph.D. and an MA. Degree from the California School of Professional Psychology in Clinical Psychology and also has an Educational Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University. He received a B.S Degree in Social Science from U.C. Berkeley.

For over 17 years he has represented clients in various courts throughout the country and is a member of the American Psychology Association’s Law and Psychology Division. He has served on the professional visibility board of the American Society of Trial Consultants. He specializes in jury research, juror profiles and jury selection in both civil and criminal cases. He has published over 20 articles in the areas of cultural considerations for jury composition and selection. His forensic, analytic and qualitative psychological skills have been successfully used to conduct community attitude surveys, focus group research, mock trials, and to develop computerized juror profiles for jury selection. He travels extensively providing strategic consultation to help his clients win cases.

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